What Is The Prophetic Code?

The Prophetic Code is a collection of prophecies from the Tanach (Hebrew Bible) which are intended to reveal the identity of the Messiah. These prophecies provide precise information about the life of the Messiah. For example, they tell us when the Messiah will come, where he will be born, and how he will die. Despite the extraordinary significance of these prophecies, many are unaware of their existence. 

According to the prophecies of the Tanach the Messiah will: 

  • Come before the destruction of the Second Temple 
  • Heal the blind, lame and mute
  • Be rejected by the leaders of the nation
  • Die in order to forgive the sins of the nation 
  • Rise from the dead 

This booklet presents a selection of prophecies from the Tanach accompanied by their traditional rabbinic interpretations and examples of their fulfillment. Only one person in the history of Israel has ever fulfilled these prophecies — Jesus. 


The Little Horn

The Vatican City State is the little horn (Dan. 7:8) which rises after the ten monarchies of the remnant of the Roman Empire.